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Colon Cancer Is A Deadly Deseas!
A Colon Cleanse is Your First Step To Prevent Cancer Naturally!
Hi, this is Ahmad, my story goes back to 2003 when my father 70 had a bad health drop, so we rushed him to the hospital by ambulance, once there they did all kinds of tests, after all we discovered that he had a Colon Cancer, he got operated, they removed a piece of his colon. Two years later his Cancer  started all over again. After a couple months of diagnosis his doctor said there is no use to operate him again his health won't sustain another operation. So we went to another hospital that have an intensive cancer research program, his new doctor reunited the whole family and he said that yes we can operate on him and with Chemeo-therapy he would have better living quality and it will give him few more years of survival.

So my father suffered from severe chronic constipation for many years, he had tried all kinds of recepies, treatments, but never did any real Colon Cleansing!  He went under surgery and it was followed by Chemeo-therapy, and every thing went fine untill 2007, when he had a drop-back, after many tests, biopssis etc..The doctor said there is no use for operation any more and continued to give him chemeo-therapy and pain killers, he spent the last New year 2007/2008 with the whole family and it was his last one, his situation deteriorated, we began 2008 one week in the hospital and out for two weeks till mid-April, we took him in and he went out for one week-end then back on Monday, he lasted for 14 days, after that he passed away on the 4th of May at 3:43 Am.

After a while I started a wide search about this issue, and found that
some people are embarrassed to talk about it, some people disbelieve the system, while others don't see the results that some companies want you to believe, you will see (or prevent). Still many more struggle to find the right information on the subject, or are unclear about the type of products they should use to maintain proper (and good) healthy colon.. But before knowing what, when and how to do a cleanse, we need to be educated about the function of the digestive system, what the colon is, and why it and the overall digestive system and colon health is critical to our overall health and wellbeing.

There are very few topics in health that are as popular as colon cleansing, and
many that handle the same issues such as:

Chronic-constipation, Ibs, Parasites, Worms, and Colon intoxication that leads or may lead to cause Colon Cancer.

Death Begin's in the Colon, And Prevention is The Best Method!

After long research, reviews and previews i have decided to put up this website that promote Colon Cleanse and Colon Health.

Healthy Colon Today is a website designed to provide information and resources to those who are interested in colon cleansing techniques, benefits, products and information. It is our goal to help people understand what colon cleansing is and how it can benefit your body by increasing overall health and well-being, and best of all spread awarness, knowledge, and preventive measures against colon cancer. Or any mean that could help or eases someone's pain out there!

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this site, please feel free to contact us:

Thank You.

A. Sabbah

My Dad and I - Last New Year together 2007 -2008 - Died the 4th of May 2008.
My Dad At hospital final days, before death!
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Life is only a journey ride,
Enjoy yours plentifully!