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Colon cleansing benefits

A human body is designed to function properly whether awake,
asleep, hot cold, young or old.  When your body performs as is
naturally designed, iit maintains a perfect health, weight and a
slender appearance profile.

The S.A.D. diet is seriously lacking in fiber and healthy liquids
while it is abundant with sugar, caffeine, excessive amounts of
salt, fried greasy foods, fatty foods, processed foods, alcohol,
preservatives and additives, chemicals and many types of parasites and worms.

All of these work to clog the mucous linings of your intestines, building up and preventing them from removing water and receiving vitamin-B produced by healthy intestinal  (flora) bacteria. As well as adding pounds of fat onto the scale when you weigh yourself.
The first place where auto-intoxication exhibits itself is the Colon.  If the Colon doesn't function properly, the rest of the body will be affected automatically.

Various systems of body cleansing are currently employed, ranging from physical treatments (e.g. colon cleansing), to dietary restrictions (e.g. avoiding foods) or dietary supplements. Some variants involve the use of herbs and supplements that purportedly speed or increase the effectiveness of the process of cleansing. Several naturopathic and homeopathic preparations are also promoted for cleansing; such products are often marketed as targeting specific organs, such as fiber for the colon or juices for the kidneys.

There are a lot of benefits that comes along doing one. It doesnít matter if you choose to do a natural colon cleanse or have it done at an irrigation clinic. Colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy means cleaning your colon by flushing water in and back out. This is done by a machine at a clinic or a home colonic irrigation kit. A tube is inserted into your rectum and water is either pumped or drained into your rectum. Then the water enters the colon and is flushed back out again. It is flushed this way for between 40-60 minutes. This is the best way to clean out your colon of the toxic lining. The colon cleansing is done in a variety of ways, but they all have the same result.

One of the best benefits of a colon cleanse is, removing that old built-up waste, killing and expelling all parasites and worms, that inhibits your digestive system and even your lungs. Most people notice weight loss when they clear out all of the old built-up waste in their colon.
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The colon is a sewerage system, but by neglect and abuse it becomes a cesspool. When itís clean and normal we are well, feeling great and happy again. In fact, feeling great is one of  many benefits of a colon cleansing.

Other benefits of colon cleansing are:

Relief from IBS, Relief from trapped intestinal gas, Relief from IBS, Relief from constipation, Removal of old toxins, stuck to the colon wall, improved digestion, better elimination, relief from gas, bloating and indigestion. Sense of satisfaction, greater vitality, improved bowel function, relief from headaches and backaches, softening and shrinkage of abdomen, skin tightening, sinus drainage. More energy!

Colon cleansing benefits are great. All you have to do is to choose which method
iis the best suitable for you to use. A lot of people think that it's best to go with the
natural way first. Of course, it is safe to say that
colonic irrigation works a bit faster.
It is best to consult with your doctor before you get your colon and digestive system
cleansed out. Only him can tell you what is the best suitable method for you to use.

In order to get the colon, digestive tract, and thus, the rest of your body back to
properly functioning as a streamlined efficient machine once again, You need a gentle
and safe coloncleansing program and drastically improve your diet and daily exercise.

The good news is that you can restore your colon health, and reduce the issues which arise from colon problems. There are a number of high quality natural cleansing products on the marketplace which we believe do an exceptional job in breaking up, reducing and clearing out years of fecal matter and waste built-up in the colon as well as eliminating all toxins, killing & expelling out parasites, worms and their eggs.

Colon cleansing can also be greatly assisted by the use of herbal supplement colon cleansers. When used in combination with drinking lots of water, addition of colonic bacterial flora (Probioitics) and fiber food supplements (Metamucil), you may achieve excellent cleansing benefits.

A safe and  gentle colon cleansing product should contain:

1. Anti-parasitic support to kill and expel harmful intestinal parasites and worms

Soluble fiber to promote normal moisture balance in the colon

3. Soothing natural herbs to prevent spasm and inflammations

4. Probiotics to promote normal digestion and boost metabolism

5. Peristalsis support to achieve proper smooth  muscle contraction of the colon

Colon cleansing benefits are great. All you have to do is to choose which method is the best for you to use. A lot's of people think that it's best to go with the natural way first. Of course, it is safe to say that
colonic irrigation works a bit faster.

Side effects of colonic irrigation
Some allopathic practitioners claim that colonic irrigation flushes out essential electrolytes and friendly bacteria from the bowel and that it can be dangerous. Practitioners counter that this can easily be remedied with the use of probiotics, and that in any case, these possible disadvantages are easily offset by the benefits of having large amounts of putrefying matter, parasites and worms removed from the system, it also turns the bowel movements less sensitive.

The cost of colonic irrigation treatments varies, but is generally between $35-70 per session, which may last from 45 minutes to one hour. The cost of the machine itself ranges from $4,000-12,000, but again, it should be noted that only qualified therapists should conduct sessions. It is best to consult with your doctor before you get your colon and digestive system cleansed. Only him can tell you what is the best method for you to use.
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Clinical Study
In a Double Blind clinical study conducted by Global Clinicals in 2009, results indicated that Digest It Colon Cleanse relieved constipation safely. The present data demonstrates that the Digest It Colon Cleanse was well tolerated and safe, as indicated by normal ranging physiological and clinical chemistry parameters across the two groups at 14 days.
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