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Colon Cleansing

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Natural Colon Cleanse
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Inner-Body Cleansing Protocol:

1.Step 1 (Must)
o Improved Diet
Parasites cleanse
o Bowel cleanse
2.Step 2 (optional or must)
o Dental cleanup
o Kidney cleanse
3.Step3 (must)
o Liver Cleanse and Goll bladder Cleanse - Liver flush
o Improved Diet

In which order am I suppose to do cleansing?

First you do Step1 for a few days or weeks, then, if you need a Step 2, you do that, or if not, you jump immediately to step 3: Liver flush.  Some people prefer to start with liver flush first, and for many average healthy people that could be just fine. But, people who have serious or chronic health problems often achieve better results when doing things Step by Step, 1 -2 - 3.

Step 1: Improved Diet & Parasites cleanse Bowel cleanse  are to start with ... almost always!   as that is you insurance that cleansing will go without possible problems/reactions  ...    all 3 things (#1) can be done at the same time or separate, while always making sure your diet is free from foods that kill. Some people prefer to start with Liver flush, and for about 50 - 60 % of people, that seems to be OK. But, some people do need to cleanse parasites and bowel first.

Step 2: Dental cleanup is something that you are suppose to do if you are sensitive to amalgam and you still have amalgam fillings inside your mouth, or if you have root canals, or if you have cavitations as a source of infection. Read more about toxic teeth / tooth infections . And, there is one more important factor: you will need money ($$$) ... dental cleanup can be costly.  If you have never been at dentist, you are unlikely to need any treatment.  Cost is proportional to the number of fillings that you are suppose to replace!

If you suffer any of the
symptoms of mercury poisoning or symptoms of toxic root canal or toxic cavitations , then this step could be very important on your way to better health.

Kidney cleanse is something that you do in order to dissolve kidney crystals - kidney stones.  Not all people have kidney stones ... and in most people fasting & dietary changes and the water cure that will be implemented since step 1 will take care of kidneys too.  But if you do suffer lower back pain or kidney pain ... even if you have never been diagnosed with kidney stones, you should consider this step as a very important step! There are many herbs that may help melt kidney stones.
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An inactive colon leads to constipation, that leads to an impacted colon
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Step 3: Liver Cleanse and Gall bladder Cleanse, achieved by doing consecutive liver flushes is absolute must, something you are suppose to repeat at least 3-6 times (if you are perfectly healthy) ... and at least 6 - 10 times if you have any health problems, and more then 10-20 times if you are suffering from Allergies, CFS, MS, MCS, FMS, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Cancer, Arthritis, Acne, Body Odor, Ulcerative Colitis ..  or any other chronic illness.

Improved Diet is not to be forgotten all the time during this cleansing protocol! With Healthy life Regimen, Eat, rest, Exercise..
A Good diet is diet that is adjusted for your personal needs, and your personal tolerances.
"And Anyone Could Benefit From A Periodic Cleanse Two To three times A Year".
Cleanse your colon, detoxify your body!
You see your colon is a lot like those clogged sewer pipes, years of living & eating results in the "clogging up" of your personal sewer system, Your colon!

Fecal matter gets imbedded into the folds and crevices of your colon and starts to putrify (rot). The proteolytic bacteria involved in this putrification process start to overgrow and produce toxins that, seep through walls of your colon and cause innumerable health problems.


This brings us to the : Colon Cancer.

It is more commonly called colorectal cancer because it can invade both the colon and the rectum. Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of U.S. cancer deaths for men and women combined.

Did you know that most colorectal cancers are tumors that develop from the glands LINING the colon's inner wall? Well, if you knew that the inner walls of your colon were constantly being bombarded with toxins generated by putrified fecal buildup, it wouldn't be a big jump to correlate this toxic exposure to the development of colorectal cancer tumors.

"The lower end of the intestine is of the size that requires emptying every six hours, but by habit we retain its contents twenty-four hours. The result is ulcers and cancer."

PSS. I've personally tried his program and highly recommend it. Let's just say that you might be surprised about what you have been holding on to inside you...

And The results... Amazing! You will feel different within one week!
"Anyone Could Benefit From A Periodic Cleanse
Two to Three times A Year"
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