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History of Colon cleansing
The efficacy of colon cleansing is based on the concept of "auto-intoxication", the idea that food enters the intestine and rots, an idea that originated in Ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed that toxins formed as a result of decomposition within the intestines, and moved from there into the circulatory system causing fever  and the development of pus.
In the 19th century, studies in biochemistry and microbiology seemed to support the autointoxication hypothesis, and mainstream physicians promoted the idea. Over time, the concept broadened to "auto-intoxication" where the  body cannot fully dispose of its waste products and toxins, which accumulate in the intestine.
In the early 20th century, the auto-intoxication hypothesis was discredited as advances in science failed to  support its claims. Despite this, the discredited idea still persists in the public imagination, and colon cleansing has undergone a resurgence in the alternative medical community supported by beliefs about  autointoxication and colon cleansing products.

Relationship to Medical symptoms
The symptoms attributed to autointoxication are : headache, fatigue, loss of appetite and irritability within the bowel and toxins from putrefying food.There is little evidence of actual benefit to the procedure, and no evidence  that it can alleviate the symptoms that are attributed to the theories of colon cleansing.There is no evidence  that frequent bowel movements result in better health or longer life.

Complications and risks of colon irrigation
Colon cleansing is generally unnecessary as the body naturally removes waste material. Colon cleansing may disrupt  the balance between bacteria and natural chemicals in the bowel, and may interfere with the colon's ability to  shed dead cells. Other rare but serious complications have included a number of cases of gastrointestinal  perforation, and a well documented case of amoebic infection from poorly sterilised equipment. Some colon  cleansing programs disrupt fluid and electrolyte balance which may lead to dehydration and salt depletion, whilst  prolonged or excessive cleansing programs can lead to anemia and malnutrition. Excessive use of enemas have also  been associated with cardiac problems such as heart failure, and heart attacks related to electrolyte imbalances  when combined with coffee as an ingredient. The frequent use of enemas or other colon cleansing tools may lead to  dependence and an inability to defecate without assistance or withdrawal symptoms. Herbs that are consumed for  colon cleansing and taken as oral preparations may also interfere with drug absorption and effectiveness.

Some types of colon cleansing present potential hazards!
The equipment used during colon cleansing has caused damage to the rectum in a small number of individuals and caused amoebiasis when improperly sterilized. Certain  enema preparations have been associated with heart attacks and electrolyte imbalances.
Frequent colon cleansing may interfere with the proper functioning of the colon & can lead to dependence on laxatives or enemas to defecate. Some herbs used may also interact with or reduce the effectiveness of prescription drugs.

Colon cleanse, Body cleansing or detoxification
s a treatment in alternative medicine which proponents claim rid the body of  accumulated harmful substances. Critics argue that such cleansings are often unnecessary, and are based on  questionable or disproved scientific claims. The FDA has issued several letters warning manufacturers and  suppliers of colon hydrotherapy equipment about making false claims of effectiveness, safety issues and quality control violations.

Colon cleanse via Detox diets
Detox diets are dietary plans regarded as having detoxifying effects. Scientists, dietitians, and doctors, while  generally judging 'detox-diets' harmless (unless nutritional deficiency results), often dispute the value and need of 'detox-diets' due to lack of supporting factual evidence.

"Detox" diets usually suggest that water,or fruits and vegetables compose a majority of one's food intake.  Limiting this to unprocessed (and sometimes also Non-GM) foods is often advocated.
Limiting or eliminating alcohol  is also a major factor, and drinking more water is similarly recommended.

Methods to modify the diet for the purpose of detoxification include:
* Eliminating foods such as caffeine, alcohol, processed food (including any bread), Pre-made or canned food, salt, sugar, wheat, red meat, pork, fried and deep fried food, yellow cheese, cream, butter and margarine, shortening, etc...  while focusing on pure foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, raw nuts and seeds, fish, vegetable oils, herbs and herbal Teas, water, etc...
* Raw foodism
* Fasting, including water fasting and juice fasting
* Increased consumption of fish
* Food combining
* Calorie restriction
* Herbal detox
* Master Cleanse, also known as the lemonade diet, refer to the fasting diet advocated by Stanley Busroughs.
* Special Teas used in combination with another detox method. Most detox teas contain ginger, milk thistle, licorice, rooibos, black pepper & dandelion, ingredients known in folk medicine as digestive aids. Other ingredients help to protect the liver, alleviate urinary problems and help treats stomach ulcers. Some proponents of detox diets emphasize it as a lifestyle rather than a diet. Others have touted spiritual and  psychological benefits of regular detox dieting.

Highly Restrictive Colon cleansing: Detox Diets

Such as Water fasting or the Master Cleanse are not the safest form of weight loss. These diets, if done improperly or for too long, may result in nutrient deficiencies. Of particular concern is lack of protein, which may result in wasting of muscle tissue, due to insufficient amino acids for repair. With  less lean muscle tissue, the body's metabolic needs decrease, which hampers weight loss efforts unless calories are lessened further in the diet.

Colon cleansing: Colon Hydro-therapy
t uses enemas to inject water, sometimes mixed with herbs, or other liquids, into the colon using special  equipment. Oral cleaning uses dietary fiber, herbs, dietary supplements or laxatives. Practitioners believe  colon cleansing removes accumulations of feces from the walls of the large intestine which are believed to  putrefy, harbour parasites or pathogenic gut flora to cause non-specific symptoms and general ill-health (referred  to as "auto-intoxication"), a hypothesis based on medical beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks that was  discredited in the early 20th century.

The bowel itself is not dirty and barring drugs or disease, it cleans itself naturally without need for assistance. Some types of colon cleansing present  potential hazards; the equipment used during colon cleansing has caused damage to the rectum in a small number of  individuals & caused amoebiasis when improperly sterilized. Certain enema preparations have been associated  with heart attacks and electrolyte imbalances. Frequent colon cleansing may interfere with the proper functioning  of the colon and can lead to dependence on laxatives or enemas to defecate. Some herbs used may also interact with  or reduce the effectiveness of prescription drugs.
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